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"Virginia’s first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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According to Solar Power World, "But that doesn’t mean the racking and mounting industry can slow down innovation of more robust, easier to install and lower-cost solar mounting. In fact, as new fire regulations take hold in California and across the country, re-tested and tweaked systems are likely to get more expensive, meaning innovation is critical. Rail-less approaches, which remove long spans of aluminum from the installation process, are popping up in the sloped roof market. On flat roofs, integrated approaches–mounting companies partnering with inverter companies, for example–are aiming to reduce costs. As for ground mounts, the name of the game is installation simplicity. Labor is a significant cost, and large ground mount projects can rack up the hours."

ABC Solar has been working with the Schletter of Germany for many years and have always respected their products, customer support and guarantees.

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New Anime Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba

See Top 150 User Chosen Anime Art by Mayumi - Click Here


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